Nutritionist Teams Up with Local Personal Training Facility

Ocean View, DE, June 3rd, 2021 – CustomFit360, a leading personal training Facility in Ocean View, has announced the appointment of Carmel Monfiletto as their in-house nutritionist!  Ms. Monfiletto, a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, will be responsible for client assessments based on medical and nutritional history, current concerns and habits, quality of life issues, and personal goals and aspirations.  

“Client participation is an integral part of the planning process”, states Carmel Monfiletto.  “With active involvement in developing a realistic and individualized plan, the client will be more likely to succeed.”

Carmel Monfiletto, MS, RD, LDN has been helping clients achieve a healthy lifestyle through sound eating habits for over thirty years.  Ms. Monfiletto subscribes to a “non-diet” approach to healthy living.  Her philosophy is to, “educate, encourage and empower” clients to eat responsibly, develop a healthy relationship with food and lifestyle choices, and ultimately create lasting success in reaching individual goals.  Her practice includes all age groups, and addresses issues of weight management, disease prevention, medical nutrition therapy, disordered eating patterns, and sports nutrition.  Ms. Monfiletto views adequacy, balance,  moderation and mindfulness as the basis of all wellness and the best preventive medicine.  

“Our goal is client success beyond just the basics of weight loss and increased exercise”, said Schreiber.  “We want Our clients to feel better, stronger, have more energy, perform better in their activities of daily living and age better because of these permanent changes.” 

CustomFit360 is owned and operated by Erik Schrieber. It’s mission to be the premier health and wellness facility in the Bethany Beach area by providing results, through fun, customized fitness and nutrition services. Contact us at to schedule a consult with Carmel!

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