Starting an Exercise Regimen 101

In this day and age, you see the ads everywhere. “Exercise this, exercise that. Eat this! Don’t eat that!”. We get it right?  We need to exercise for our health. However, getting started on an exercise program isn’t easy, is it? In fact, it can be daunting, intimidating and honestly, down-right confusing. There are a TON of fancy “programs” out there that promise you the world but 95% of those programs over promise and under deliver. They can be difficult and hard to maintain/sustain for long periods of time, which of course gets discouraging and causes us to stop. So…..what do we do? First, lets talk about the benefits that exercise gives us.

The Obvious – Exercise is Actually GOOD For Us!

Exercise has a great many benefits. It aides and assists in weight loss/fat loss, increases our lean body mass, (which can translate to an overall increase in functional capacity) balances our blood sugars and hormone levels, increases our heart health (heart disease is the leading cause of death in America), can increase our bone density and has actually been shown to have massive positive effects on overall cognitive function. In fact, when treating dementia patients one of the only known disease modifiers has been shown to be exercise and nutrition modification (

So how do we take advantage of all of these amazing benefits? KISS it (Keep it Slightly Simple). According to the American College Of Sports Medicine (ACSM), The National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), in order to reap the HEALTH rewards of exercise, 150-200 minutes of moderate to intense exercise is needed. This equates to an average of 35 minutes per day. So, let’s take it slow folks. First, make a schedule. If you’re serious about making a change and adding exercise into your daily routine, put it on the schedule so it becomes a habit. 35 Minutes a day can get you more then you think! Start your first week with the simplest of activities…..WALK! Set a timer and just walk (or bike ride if you have joint problems).  Week 2, we’re going to add 2 days of strength training. The strength training guidelines set forth by the ACSM state that we should perform 8-10 multi-joint exercises 2-3 sets for 8-12 repetitions.

Beginner’s Sample Workout

Circuit 1:

Lying DB Bench Press x12   Bodyweight Squat x12

Seated Cable Row  x12       Hip Thrust x12

Circuit 2:

Seated DB Overhead Press x12 / Single Leg Step Up x12

Lat Pull Down x12 / DB Deadlift (hip hinge) x12

Performing each movement correctly is key and pivotal to getting the most out of your workout, WITHOUT suffering injury. This is where the help of a Fitness Professional might come in handy 😉 A sample week might look something like this:

Monday-Walk / Tuesday- RT (Resistance Train) / Wednesday-Walk / Thursday-Rest Day / Friday-RT        

Sunday-Rest Day / Saturday-Walk     

Consistency is key with anything we do. If we’re consistently inactive, we’ll be unhealthy and have issues. If we consistently exercise, we’ll be healthy and happy! Mentally and physically! Its not always easy but its always worth it, YOU are always worth it!

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