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We’ve had a few clients reach out and ask about the right macronutrient profile and I’m sure that a lot of you can agree, tracking macros and finding the right percentages is a pain in the A$$, isn’t it?  I’ll start off with what you

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Metabolism – It’s Important!

We’ve all heard and said the same thing. “I’m getting old, my metabolism has slowed down!” And yes, as we age, our bodies naturally undergo changes that can slow down our metabolism. This metabolic slowdown CAN (if we let it) lead to weight gain and

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Good Fat Versus Bad Fat – Is it MAKING you Fat?

Erik Schreiber Thu, Jun 1, 7:01 PM (14 hours ago) to Erik, bcc: We are asked this question so many times: Does fat make you fat? The one-word answer is “no.” Read on to learn more! So why do so many people avoid fat or believe it

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Building Strength After 50: Yes, You Can!

Is building strength after 50, 60 or even older, possible??? Absolutely! Many people think that we get weaker as we get older. And while, yes, it’s true, we’ll all experience some physiological changes and a decline in strength and power as we age, it doesn’t

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5 Tips for Better Arms

Erik Schreiber Fri, Jan 20, 8:42 PM (3 days ago) to Erik, bcc: “How do I get better arms?” I get this question all the time. Sometimes we get folks who just want to get jacked arms, mostly though, we see people who are looking to

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Why You Might Not Be Losing That Weight!

Let’s imagine this hypothetical scenario. You’ve just started a Fitness Program, exercising 2-3x week and you’ve even hired a fitness professional to help but after 2-3 weeks, that scale just isn’t moving yet and you’ve started wondering what it might be that you are doing

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Nutritionist Teams Up with Local Personal Training Facility

Ocean View, DE, June 3rd, 2021 – CustomFit360, a leading personal training Facility in Ocean View, has announced the appointment of Carmel Monfiletto as their in-house nutritionist!  Ms. Monfiletto, a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, will be responsible for client assessments based on medical and

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Can You Catch #Gainz and Still Lose Fat?

Everyone these days seem to want the same thing. A tight, toned body, where you have “arms”. “I want to have arms, Erik!!”. I hear this all the time, especially from the ladies who train with me. However, at the same time, they want to

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Starting an Exercise Regimen 101

In this day and age, you see the ads everywhere. “Exercise this, exercise that. Eat this! Don’t eat that!”. We get it right?  We need to exercise for our health. However, getting started on an exercise program isn’t easy, is it? In fact, it can

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Are the Weights Adding Bulk or the Drive Thru?

Will lifting weights make me bulky? The Short and sweet of it is…..NO, it will not!!!  There is still a very common misconception (especially amongst women) that heavy weight training will cause you to become “bulky”. This is just simply not true. The leading culprit

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