Are the Weights Adding Bulk or the Drive Thru?

Will lifting weights make me bulky? The Short and sweet of it is…..NO, it will not!!!  There is still a very common misconception (especially amongst women) that heavy weight training will cause you to become “bulky”. This is just simply not true. The leading culprit for this “bulky” look is not muscle, its actually an accumulation of FAT!!!

Strength training has incredible health benefits, INCLUDING shedding excess bodyfat, due to its high metabolic demand. What can you expect to see and feel when starting a well-rounded strength program!? Take a look at the benefits below:

-Stronger muscles, joints and ligaments that leads to better overall movement efficiency and less pain

-Increase in lean tissue and decrease in fat with a favorable hormonal balance (strength training uses glycogen for energy, good for warding off diabetes and controlling blood sugar levels)

-Increased bone density, reducing the risk for osteopenia, osteoporosis and bone breaks

-Releases chemicals to improve mood

-Increases overall neuromuscular coordination and functional capacity

So, what makes someone look bulky? Easy, its what ya put in your tummy! If you’re lifting weights and eating twinkies and chik-fil-a on a reg, you’re probably gonna to get a lil bulky. There is lot involved but the long and short of it is, if you want to lean out, you need to lift weights, do cardio and eat healthy!

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